Research & Scholarly Activity

The educational goal for all residents is to participate in scholarly activity projects that will improve their ability to critically analyze literature, evaluate and implement evidence based practice, and to further develop personal skills in the preparation and delivery of professional presentations.

Residents participate in monthly Journal Clubs, Morbidity and Mortality Conferences, summer continuing medical education presentations, and informal presentations during teaching rounds. Residents are also strongly encouraged to work with clinical faculty members in research projects of interest to them. We encourage residents to seek opportunities for publication and take an active role in other resident educational venues. Mercy sponsors an annual research symposium in May that all residents attend, and are strongly encouraged to participate in through active involvement with original and multi-center research projects.


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  • 47th Annual Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Spring Conference, San Antonio TX, May 6, 2014.
  • 14th Annual Mercy Research Symposium, Toledo OH May 14, 2014

Myerholtz L, Chaudhary Z, Hafeez N, Tang Y.  Saying hello; It’s not as simple as we think… or is it?  14th Annual Mercy Research Symposium, Toledo OH May 14, 2014